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Welcome to The Canadian Corps of Voyageurs web site.

Historical re-enactment is a hobby enjoyed by thousands of people every year. This web site is dedicated to the War of 1812 and to Historical Re-Enactment in the Lakehead Region. Here, you will find information about the Napoleonic Era and the War of 1812. Most of this site is dedicated to historical re-enactment of this era. 

As well, you will find articles submitted by associate members, and links to other sites. 
Comments are welcome. 

The Canadian Corps of Voyageurs

Whistle Signals used by British Light Infantry

HM Regiment de Meuron, 1781 to 1813

HM Regiment de Meuron, 1813 - 1816

Historical Re-Enactment Photo Gallery

Submissions and Related Articles:

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