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Dataline Computer Services How I pay for my re-enacting!
Tandex Technologies The people who make my computers.
Lakehead Internet The people who provide my internet access.
Yahoo!  Search the Web!
Reenactor Net  Historical Re-Encatment Organizations.
H-GIG Historical Organizations History Societies
WAR of 1812 More interesting stuff on the War of 1812.
Letter from a soldier from the War of 1812 Interesting reading
Fort Erie, Ontario A Reconstruted fortification across the river from Buffalo, N.Y.  Also, some information on the Glengarry Fencible Light Infantry. 
The Manitoba Living History Society Information on re-enactors in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 
Royal Newfoundland Regiment, Bulger's Company  A large group in the Midland/Penetanguishene area of Ontario, Canada. 
Go to the ASP Home Page Tons of good Shareware!
The Unofficial Canadian Army Web Site Information and links about Canada's Modern Army.  Almost all of it is current, although there is some excellent background information.  Mainly post-confederation, with very little pre-1867.
The Stormount, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders Another unofficial web site for a contemporary Canadian Militia regiment.  This site has some excellent historical material on the War of 1812.
My Aunt Margaret, in Surrey BC. A Family Link
War With Canada This fellow would like to see the War Re-Started! Very "Tongue-in-Cheek!" 

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